Returning to work after a career break

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My Concerns
My Concerns
  • My knowledge and skills are out of date
  • I'm anxious about going back to work
  • I want to change careers
  • Will prospective employers view my time away from work negatively?
  • Will I be able get flexible working hours?
  • I want to start my own business but I don't know where to begin
What you may need
What you may need
  • Coaching to help grow your confidence and realise your true potential
  • A roadmap and plan outlining clear steps to follow
  • Re-training if you are changing career
  • Business support and advice if you want to start up your own business
  • Help making yourself more marketable or preparing a professional business plan
How we can help

Your dream is to return to work. And yet, returning to work after a long career break can be daunting even for the most confident and self-assured person. Or maybe you want to change career direction, or start your own business. Self-doubt, anxiety and thoughts of obsolete and out-of-date skills are all common fears that many face.

As your coach, I can help you put your dream to the test. I can prepare you to see your potential and to focus not on your limiting beliefs, but on the talents, skills and gifts you possess. Working with me, you will learn that you are perfectly imperfect and that you have value to offer any prospective employer, client or customer. I will work with you to be the best version of you that you can be so that you can confidently step into your new life.

Prudence R

I just want to say I’m so glad to be a part of this program. Reading, listening, reflecting, writing and taking time out to invest in my passion has shown me that I have to believe in myself first. I say this because I have just come out of a meeting with people I have ‘surpassed’ since joining this organisation. Before I would have felt intimidated and second guessed my pathway but now I am determined in myself to push forward with the thing I love to do, with passion, understanding and the right motivation.

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